Guided Tours at the Airport

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Guided Tours at the Airport

Anyone who reaches the grounds of Airport Weeze has the feeling of having landed in their own little town. And there’s a reason for that: Today’s Airport Weeze used to be a British military airport and still offers an exciting glimpse of its history.

Visitors can therefore book a very special look behind the scenes at Airport Weeze. During a 2.5-hour discovery tour, you will get to know the huge grounds of the former British military base Weeze/Laarbruch with bunkers, school buildings and churches under expert guidance. Experienced visitor guides will tell you about the long history of the airport and also explain to you in an entertaining way in German, English or Dutch the logistical effort behind the daily flight business and how all service providers, companies and authorities work hand in hand to enable passengers to take off and land smoothly. Book a guided tour at the airport and learn more about the history and current flight operations.

Contact address for guided tours:

Marktstraat 79
NL – 6431 LL Hoensbroek
Telefon: +31 / 4 54 05 19 50   ´
Fax: +31 / 4 54 05 50 10

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