Coronavirus: information for travellers


Important information for passengers

Coronavirus and COVID-19

The coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is currently spreading in numerous countries. Current assessments can be found on the website of the Robert Koch Institute.


Current flight operations

Flight connections are currently restricted to some destinations. Please check the status of your flight at

The foreign office is offering up-to-date information and tips for your travel destination.


Procedures for suspected cases are clearly regulated

Airport Weeze is in close contact with the health department of the district of Kleve. Like all German airports, Airport Weeze is prepared with emergency plans to deal with suspected cases of the coronavirus


Hygiene and protective measures

In order to protect yourself and others from infection and not to spread pathogens, hygiene measures are recommended above all:

• thorough and frequent hand washing

• use of disposable handkerchiefs when sneezing and coughing

• if no handkerchief is within reach: hold the crook of your arm in front of your mouth and nose

• Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

• Avoid shaking hands

• Touch as few surfaces as possible in public spaces