Parookaville 16 - 18 Juli 2021


PAROOKAVILLE is a city that comes to life once a year, to celebrate the joy of life.

It tells the story of time traveler and architect Bill Parooka who has never been mentioned in any history book. No one has ever seen him in real life. But a couple of years ago some of his followers, the Billders, found some drawings created by his vision: CELEBRATE THE JOY OF LIFE.

So they began to spread his vision and built up a beautiful city. A city where Billders and all kinds of people come together to escape everyday life and to dive into an utopian world to keep the legend of Bill Parooka alive.

Website: https://www.parookaville.com/en/info/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parookaville/



(c)Robin Böttcher

(c) Maxime Byttebier



(c) Parookaville