PAROOKAVILLE is a city that comes to life once a year, to celebrate the joy of life.

It tells the story of time traveler and architect Bill Parooka who has never been mentioned in any history book. No one has ever seen him in real life. But a couple of years ago some of his followers, the Billders, found some drawings created by his vision: CELEBRATE THE JOY OF LIFE.

So they began to spread his vision and built up a beautiful city. A city where Billders and all kinds of people come together to escape everyday life and to dive into an utopian world to keep the legend of Bill Parooka alive.

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San Hejmo Festival celebrated its premiere at Weeze Airport in 2022

The San Hejmo Festival is the latest project from the creative festival professionals of the Next Events Group from Weeze, who have already created one of the most important music mega-events in Europe with Parookaville. For their second festival creation, the team has once again secured the unique grounds at Weeze Airport. With its bunkers, shelters, forest and open spaces, the former military airport is the perfect base for the brand new live music concept festival.

San Hejmo’ is inspired by Esperanto and translates as ‘Sacred Home’. The worldwide planned language Esperanto was developed in the 19th century to connect all people, detached from conventions and borders. San Hejmo is both the name and the motto of the festival.

The line-up on the main stage, specially designed for San Hejmo, as well as several genre stages brings together popular acts from pop, hip hop, electro, 90s and party. These music hotspots will be embedded in the lovingly designed festival area. The first five artists announced including massive headliners were: Marteria, Loredana, Giant Rooks, Zoe Wees and star DJ Felix Jaehn.

The San Hejmo Festival will come back in 2024 on the 16th and 17th of August – this time over 2 days and with a campsite!

Aftermovie 2023

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Mud Masters Obstacle Run is a challenging obstacle course based on real marine practice courses. You get to play the action hero that you always wanted to be and master the most spectacular obstacles together with friends and strangers. Mud Masters leave no one behind! And the great thing is: With the various distances, anyone can take on the challenge… You too! Wanna bet?

Mud Masters Obstacle Run is not a competition; it’s about crossing the finish line together, testing your own limits and giving a performance that you’ll be proud of your entire life. And that deserves to be celebrated in style with a cold beer after the finish line on our immense festival terrain!

It’ll be tough… But that just makes it that much more fun and gives you a winner’s feeling for life!

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