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Access Regulation

Each vehicle wanting to reach the terminal or P1 – P3 has to pass through our entrance portal.

At the entrance portal please pay 3 euro, this entitles you to park your vehicle for up to 1 hour on car parks P1, P2 & P3 free of charge.

Insert 3 euro into the ticket machine at the barrier. Cash accepted: euro; 1 and 2 euro-coins, 5 euro 10- and 20-euro banknotes. Cards accepted: Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and VPay.

If you require a receipt, please press the corresponding button.

Please note: you do not receive a parking ticket here! If you have reserved a parking space online in advance, all barriers will open automatically through licence plate recognition.

After passing the entrance portal please proceed to the terminal, where you can drop off or pick up your guests or park your vehicle on car park P1 – P3 where you can park for 1 hour free of charge. You receive your parking ticket at the entrance barrier of the carpark.

Short-term parking up to 1 hour:
you park your vehicle for up to 1 hour just use the parking ticket to leave the car park. You do not need to validate the ticket at the ticket machine.

Long-term parking:
If you park your vehicle for more than 1 hour or for the length of your holiday, please pay your ticket on your return at any of our ticket machines.

When you leave the airport, the barrier at the entrance portal will open automatically.


Things to know about our access regulations

Park for up to one hour, drive out of the car park again with this ticket.

If you park your vehicle for longer or for the duration of your journey, please pay at the parking machine on your return. When you leave the airport grounds, the barrier at the exits opens automatically.