Unaccompanied Children

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Making take-off a breeze

Before making a reservation, it´s recommended to check the respective airline. You can find important information on the Internet sites of the airlines or contact your travel agents.

Identity card / Passportfor baby & child

As a general rule, each person needs their own travel document.
The type of documents depends on the destination. The embassy or consulate of the destination country will tell you whether a passport, child ID card or identity card is required.

If your underage children are travelling with relatives or friends, remember that all legal guardians must have verifiably consented to the trip. This also applies if only one of the two legal guardians is travelling with them.

The easiest way is to carry a written consent form signed by all legal guardians. This data must include:

  • Surname, first name, date of birth of the child
  • Purpose and destination of the trip
  • Duration of the trip
  • Names and contact details of all legal guardians