Asturias, in the north of Spain, is a real insider’s tip for travellers who want to experience unspoilt nature, breathtaking landscapes and a rich cultural history. This region is known for its green valleys, majestic mountains and the stunning coastline of the Cantabrian Sea.

Places of Interest

  • The capital of Asturias, Oviedo, is a good starting point for a trip through the region. The city is famous for its historic old town, characterised by narrow streets, squares and impressive buildings from the Middle Ages. Visit the magnificent Oviedo Cathedral, considered one of the most important examples of Asturian Gothic architecture, and stroll through the charming San Francisco Park.
  • From Oviedo, you can explore the breathtaking landscape of Asturias. Head to the Picos de Europa, an impressive mountain range that spans three regions. Here you can go hiking to discover the spectacular peaks, deep gorges and picturesque mountain villages. The Picos de Europa National Park also offers opportunities for climbing, mountain biking and white water rafting.

The coast of Asturias is another highlight of the region. Visit the charming port city of Gijón, known for its beautiful beaches and lively nightlife. Take a walk along the coastal promenade and enjoy fresh fish and seafood in one of the many restaurants by the sea.

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