The capital city of Sardinia is nothing short of beautiful thanks to its mesmerizing parks and breath-taking beaches. Cagliari is the ideal place to lounge around, sip Italian cocktails, take in the ocean, and let your worries slip away.

Beach getaway in Cagliari

The beach of Poetto boasts the longest coastline in Italy covering over 8 kilometers. Poetto is the perfect spot to enjoy a beach holiday without breaking the bank.

Enjoy the sunset in one of Cagliari´s many bars and waterfront restaurants. Live music and entertainment are often put on making it an amazing night out.

Unwind by visiting one of Cagliari’s national parks located near the beach of Poetto. With its stunning parks, waterfront view, and extensive botanical gardens, it is a perfect opportunity to relax and unwind.

Must see attractions

Stop by the Museo Archeologico Nazionale (National Archaeological Museum) and experience some of Italy’s oldest prehistoric finds. Also, visit the royal tombs and admire the artwork of Cagliari Cathredal. For all music lovers, don’t miss the Teatro Lirico – an opera house right in the centre of Cagliari. If you have time, plan day trips to the surrounding areas of Sardinia.

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