As the second- largest city on the island of Crete, Chania is a Greek paradise surrounded by deep blue waters and romantic, winding streets. Discover the old-world charm of this city where history comes alive.

Historical treats in Chania

  • The Nautical Museum of Crete features a fantastic, in-depth introduction to the naval history of the city, and will leave you daydreaming of tall ships and ocean voyages.
  • For a real sense of wonder, check out the Chania Archaeological Museum. Gain insights into the fascinating lives of Chania’s residents from thousands of years ago.
  • In Chania you will find history in every corner, on every street. Take a walk through the maze of alleyways around the city, explore the churches and monasteries, and soak up the unique atmosphere of this amazing harbour town.

Chania travel advice

The ideal time to visit Chania is in May and June, when the weather is perfect for spending all day outside. The best way of getting a true feel for the city is by exploring on foot. However, if you have extra time, be sure to check out the surrounding areas of the Greek Islands and Crete.

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