Girona is arguably one of the most majestic places in the world. The Spanish city has retained its medieval charm and awaits its visitors with many ancient and medieval buildings. There is much to discover in Girona!
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Exploring the Old Town of Girona

  • First, visit Girona Cathedral; you have to climb a flight of 86 steps but once you have reached the top you will see that it was worth it!
  • Art lovers should also visit the Museo d’Art right next to the cathedral. Experience the artistic side of Girona with their collection of over 8500 masterpieces.
  • Pay a visit to the Museum of Jewish History and learn about Girona’s culture, history and traditions.

Activities for a short Trip

If you are short on time, join the Girona Walking Tour. In just a few hours, walk around the city and see the top landmarks and attractions while listening to the history of Girona and the surrounding Costa Brava region.

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