Why not plan a cultural city break this winter? We have the perfect destination for you, which you can reach in just under two and a half hours from Weeze Airport: Lviv. The beautiful unknown in the west of Ukraine is still an absolute insider tip. Curious now? Then read on quickly!

Get to know Lviv

Lviv is a medium-sized city in the safe west of Ukraine, close to the border with Poland. Lviv has been part of independent Ukraine since 1991 – and forms a peaceful melting pot of cultures and ethnicities: Poles, Hungarians, Belarusians and Ukrainians still live together there today.

Intercultural experience

The beautifully preserved old town of Lviv is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts imposing buildings that show the different cultural influences and eras. The market square – Ploschka Rynok – is reminiscent of similar squares in Krakow and Warsaw in neighbouring Poland. Would you like to eat typical Austrian strudel? That is also possible in Lviv – namely in the Strudel House.


The centre of Lviv is a car-free zone – perfect for exploring this beautiful city on foot. There are wonderful buildings and countless churches to see. The Assumption Cathedral is the oldest church in the region. The Korniakt Palace, part of the historic centre, is also well worth a visit. Would you rather get an overview first? Then start your tour at the Lviv City Hall, from whose towers you have a great view. By bus you can reach other sights outside the city centre, for example the High Castle and the Lychakiwski Cemetery.

Eat (Chocolate!) and Drink

Eating and drinking in Lviv is an absolute bargain. Around Ploschka Rynok Square, there are many good restaurants serving typical Ukrainian dishes, such as borscht or salo, the national dish made from pork fat. But even those with a sweet tooth will get their money’s worth in Lviv.
The city is world-famous for its chocolate. You can enjoy it in one of the more than 600 cafés and then bring your loved ones back home some delicious chocolate souvenirs from the Lviv chocolate factory…

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