Nador is a coastal city in the Rif region of Morocco. Do you dream of a holiday under palms, gentle waves and breathtaking views? Then fly to Nador with Ryanair!

Beautiful shores of Nador

  • Mar Chica is a salt lagoon which separates Nador from the Mediterranean Sea. Shells scattered across the beach stand out like jewels upon the sand.
  • Enjoy the clear blue waters and serenity of Plage Cap de l’eau. Treat your family to a range of superb delicacies at the Kamkoum el-Baz restaurant nearby.
  • Underwater flora and fauna are in abundance at Charrana Beach. However, to access the beach, you will need a 4×4 vehicle!

Experience the most of Nador

Travelling by bus around Nador is affordable. If taking a taxi, be sure to agree a price with the driver before starting the journey. To gain the most from your holiday, travel to Nador between June and October. These months are pleasantly warm, with temperatures peaking in July and August. Book your flights to Nador with Ryanair today!