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Oradea, also called Großwardein, is the Romanian centre for culture, economy and history. Only 12 kilometres from the Hungarian border, Oradea surprises with towering buildings, picturesque riverbanks and one of the largest universities in Eastern Europe.

The best sights

  • Extremely worth seeing is the "Black Eagle", a magnificent 17th century building that now serves as a hotel. Go inside and marvel at the detailed stained glass windows.
  • The Bishop's Palace is one of Oradea's most important landmarks. This i-shaped building has 365 windows and houses a museum.
  • The State Theatre is an architectural beauty in the heart of the city whose fantastic marble structure you must see.

More sights in Oradea

The fortress is located in the middle of the city and invites you to take long walks along medieval streets. You can find flights to Oradea with Ryanair. Don’t wait any longer, book today and discover this beautiful part of Romania!

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