The modern facades of Oujda, the largest city in eastern Morocco, contradict the region’s thousands of years of history. This pleasantly relaxed city offers a selection of interesting sights and is the starting point for excursions to other parts of the country.

Places of interest in Oujda

  • Stroll through the 17-hectare Parc Lalla Aicha. In summer, you can swim, ride horses or play tennis here.
  • You can also explore the large medina of Oujda. When you enter through the eastern gate, you can sample the local cuisine at numerous stalls.
  • Or how about some fresh fish from the sea? La Belle d'Orient offers just that.

Public transport in Oujda

It is not difficult to get around Oujda. For a typical Moroccan feel, explore the city on foot. But you also have buses, taxis and even motorbikes at your disposal.

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