Porto – the great port city! Portugal’s second largest city (Lisbon is the largest) has everything you could wish for in a good city break. It takes about two and a half hours to reach Porto (German: “Hafen”) from Weeze Airport – so hoist your sails and travel to Portugal!

The port city is located in the north of the country, on the north bank of the river “Duero”. Porto impresses with characteristic bridges that connect the city with the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia”, which can be found on the opposite south bank. Porto’s friendly, honest inhabitants see their city as the economic heart of the country, and the old working-class Ribeira district provides the heartbeat. There, by the way, are beautiful houses and lively markets.

Architecture in Porto

Although the streets of Porto with their creative street art are themselves works of art, the city also has some “real” sights to offer. Especially when it comes to historical buildings. For example, there is Porto’s cathedral, “Sé do Porto”. It stands on the highest elevation of the old town. Also worth seeing is the “São Bento” railway station, one of the most beautiful stations in the world. There you can marvel at a fabulous collection of more than 20,000 patterned tiles. And if you pass a church that may seem rather unimpressive from the outside: go in anyway and discover the inside. You won’t be disappointed, because in many places the churches are almost lavishly decorated with gold.

Shopping and going out

Shopping is not neglected in Porto either – for example in one of the shopping centres of the “Rua da Santa Catarina” with more than 100 different shops. Porto’s nightlife also has a lot to offer, with big clubs and discos. Or do you like it more cosy and want to mingle with the locals? Then you should head towards Galeria de Paris, Cândido dos Reis or Conde de Vizela.

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