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The Old Town of Tallinn is Estonia’s capital city located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The cultural hub remains one of the most historical sites in the area famous for its cobblestone streets and Gothic aesthetic.

Eat and drink in Tallinn

  • The cuisine of Tallinn is purely Estonian and enjoys an abundance of agricultural and horticultural ingredients from local crops and livestock.
  • Many food traditions have been preserved over the years, and have now merged with influences from Italy, Asia, and America.
  • The result is a fusion of exquisite cuisines that are only available in the city of Tallinn, and that can be enjoyed in its many local restaurants.

What to do in Tallinn

This romantic city offers a wide variety of walks, sights, and attractions for a calm and relaxing getaway. Check out the modern Town Hall Square, a natural magnet for people that becomes engulfed in cafe tables during the summer. Also, stop by the St. Catherine’s Passage for a romantic walk along the hidden passage behind St. Catherine’s Church.

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