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With its ancient Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman architecture, Thessaloniki is something of a living, breathing museum. It is a buzzing, cosmopolitan hub, the second largest city in Greece, and home to an amazing food scene, film festivals, nightlife and more. Book your Ryanair flight to Thessaloniki today, and start your adventure with the only airline to guarantee “no fuel surcharges ever”!

Top sights in Thessaloniki

  • Thessaloniki is bursting with museums. Try the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Byzantine Culture, or the State Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • The charming, winding streets of the Old Town reveal impressive Ottoman and Macedonian architecture, which sits side by side with simple dwellings built by the refugees who settled in the city in 1922.
  • The White Tower is the symbol of Thessaloniki. The landmark is located directly at the harbour and welcomes visitors to the city. It is a popular photo opportunity, and you may struggle to pass it without taking a selfie!

Travel tips for Thessaloniki

The best time of year to visit Thessaloniki is at the end of spring and in early summer, before the temperatures skyrocket. The city hosts the Thessaloniki International Film Festival every November – it ’has been running for almost 60 years, and is one of the most respected film events in the world.

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