Are you looking for a city break to a very special city? Then let’s go to Palermo! From Weeze Airport, you can reach Palermo in Sicily in just two and a half hours – and you can travel to Weeze Airport comfortably by car or by shuttle bus. And because the distances at Weeze Airport are short and the checks are very quick, you’ll be on the plane in no time. Ryanair flies you to Palermo three times a week.

Get to know Palermo

Beautiful Palermo is the capital of the autonomous region of Sicily – a great volcanic island in the Mediterranean. The port city is not only special because of its Mediterranean climate, but also because of its location and thanks to the historical influence from the Middle East. Art, culture, nature: Palermo has it all. Want to know more?

Art, culture and history

Palermo has long been considered a rough diamond among Italian cities. The city is rougher than Rome, for example – but that is precisely what makes it so appealing. Palermo has at least as many sights to offer: For example, Palermo Cathedral, Porta Nuova, the Norman Palace and the Capella Palatina.

Botanical Garden

Do you like greenery? Then Palermo is also the right city for you. Palermo’s botanical garden is not only a research facility and teaching garden of the local university, but is also open to visitors. Perfect for a break.


Of course we all know that Italy is famous for pizza, pasta and the like. But did you know that Palermo in Italy has the reputation of being the absolute foodie city? The streets and markets are full of small food stalls that are perfect for a culinary city tour where you can chow down on Sicilian specialities. Try arancini, rice balls with fillings. So delicious! A guided street food tour is offered by Streaty, for example.

Super tasty pasta and pizza can also be found on every corner – for example at Buatta or Pizza Ferrari.

Cycling tour

You want to work off pizza and pasta straight away? That’s also possible in Palermo. The city is ideal to explore by bike – for example on a guided tour with Baja Bikes. The really sporty – or those who ate a lot the night before… – choose a special tour to the city’s vantage points, from where you can see the whole of Palermo. Beautiful!